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Kent & Tiffanie | Our Story
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Our Story

The story of Kent and Tiffanie is not unlike many other couples. They were friends who fell in love and decided to share their lives together. But if you are the type that prefers all of the details, allow us to indulge you with our story.


Tiffanie came into the world with nearly half her siblings at once. On July 1988 she was born last in a set of four to her parents, Ken and Diana. Though quadruplets unfortunately became triplets, she would enjoy growing up with five sisters. Kent was born to Ivan and LeiLani on January 23, a little over six months after Tiffanie. Being the second child in his family, Kent would learn the ropes of being both a little and big brother. While Kent and Tiffanie didn’t know it then, one day their paths would cross.

Where did you first meet?


We gradually got to know each other through mutual friends. We can both be shy, and I’m pretty sure that when we met for the first time, neither of us said much. But I don’t remember the first time in particular. I do have a first memory of us though. Tiffanie was friends with my roommate, Marcus. She came over to visit, and everyone was very quiet and awkward. So I started trying to make her laugh by playing songs I thought to be humorous on my keyboard, like the Mario Theme Song,  and a bunch of songs by Journey, and Axel F.


I believe I was first introduced to Kent sometime in 2008. I was standing outside the Boise State Student Union Building with friends, and he came gliding by on a blue bike. I was introduced to him briefly, and over time I would spend more time with him through our mutual friends. One of my favorite memories of Kent is when he decided to bake a mad hatter cake on a whim, and I brought him cake pans and offered to help. After misreading the quantity of water for oil, he nearly dumped one and a half cups of oil into the cake batter.

When did you decide to date?


I always liked Tiffanie. But there was a moment when she started to stand out to me. We started to get to know each other pretty well after I posted a message to facebook looking for study partners. She responded, and we met on a weekly basis to work on homework together. After that we started doing stuff together on the weekends occasionally. It was about that time that I knew I wanted to date, but I was also well aware that Tiffanie had a “no dating” policy. It took me about 7 or 8 months to gather the courage to tell her, and then about a year after that, she asked me out.


I wasn’t particularly open to dating in college. To be honest, my lack of luck in the dating world convinced me that I would grow into a little old dog lady. But more than that, I had consciously committed myself to avoid romantic relationships entirely. After reading Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics, I was convinced that friendships were of greater value and permanence than that of the romantic kind.

When Kent made his feelings known, I felt so bad. But firm in my commitments, I responded with the heart crunching line, “I hope we can still be friends.” Despite what would send a lot of people running, Kent continued to be my friend. After a year passed of growing into best friends, I thought it was time to reconsider our relationship, and I’m so glad I did.

Tell us about the Proposal.


It was difficult for me to plan, so I think I got a lot of advice on Yahoo Answers after googling “How to Propose.” Somebody there gave the idea to propose at the place where we started dating, i.e. my old apartment.  I planned to follow the script of our first moments as a couple where our relationship first started. I remember that I was a bit worried that my old apartment complex wasn’t a suitably beautiful place, so I wasn’t surprised that when I pulled into the parking lot Tiffanie had already figured out what was going on and said, “Here?!” After that we mutually decided that the Boise Train Depot would be a better place, so we took a short drive, and I started over.


I ruin everything cute that Kent does. One day while we were driving, Kent was acting slightly more awkward than normal, and when he made a detour into his old college apartment complex, I figured out what was happening pretty quickly. Unfortunatley, my response was less than perfect, before he could utter a single word, I sort of whispered in disbelief, “here?” After apologies and laughter, we ended up at the Train Depot at sunset. It was perfect from beginning to end.

What do you love about each other?


  • Tiffanie is very ambitious and brings out the best in people. I remember in my last year and a half of college, Tiffanie always helped keep me motivated.
  • Tiffanie loves learning about stuff I think is cool. Talking about philosophy together was one of the ways we got to know each other, and it’s also the college major that we have in common. I love when she’s excited about things she’s learned about Art History, or when she willingly (maybe sometimes unwillingly) listens to my rants about the stuff I’m interested in.
  • Tiffanie understands me better than anyone. Somehow, after every holiday when I tell her, “you will never guess what gift I got you,” she will pester me with questions and be able to figure out her gift just based on my facial expressions, but she won’t give me her final and correct guess until moments before she opens the gift. And when I have carefully crafted a hilarious joke or pun, she’ll tell the joke to me before I ever get a chance to say it.


  • Kent is smart and generous. He has this unyielding passion to understand things and in turn help others understand them as well. I know that I, as well as several others, have benefited from time spent learning and talking with him.
  • Kent is crazy patient. I am a confessed perfectionist, and requisitely, I am slow at just about everything I do. I am always amazed at his continual support and positive temperament, despite my snail speed.
  • Kent makes me laugh. I think those closest to Kent will know how truly silly he can be.  He does some of the most ridiculous things to get a laugh, and it’s pretty great! Whenever I’m having a rough day, he’ll send me pictures of puppies or tell me dumb puns to make me smile.
  • Kent is my best friend and makes me feel completely at ease. I always feel like I can be myself around him. I feel so loved and lucky to be with him.

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